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Idea to Launch

Tech Workshop




This course exceeded my expectations,
I no longer feel stuck!

Jane, Business Owner + Eco Clothing Designer

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Being a confident tech savvy entrepreneur that you always wanted to be.

Well I help entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology on how to get their awesome app or web idea to launch in 90 days or less so they can have a product they actually want to show customers, investors, and even their family, in order to build and grow their business fast.

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The Problem Is…

Technology is complicated and confusing …but it doesn’t have to be. I know you have heard of the horror stories, or maybe have experienced it yourself, or people spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus years trying to get their app or web idea to launch. To then realize that no one will use or buy their product. Or maybe they ran out of money or time before they could even launch. Perhaps the techies they hired didn’t build the right idea that they had envisioned?

Whatever the case, I can arm you with the plan and knowledge you need to prevent that from happening.


Idea to Launch
Tech Workshop

Get started today and launch in 90 days or less!

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Idea & Planning

Get clear on your idea and create a step by step plan to solve it.

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Team & Talent

Learn how to talk tech with Techies and know who to hire (and who NOT to hire!).

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Build & Launch

Discover the best development practices to keep your project on track to launch.


Aliya’s Story

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Aliya Amershi,
Tech Coach

Aliya Amershi is the CEO and Founder at Techie Concierge. She decided to become a Tech Coach and created her proprietary Idea to Launch Tech Workshop to address a major gap in the marketplace, which is training on business technology fundamentals. Her program was specifically created for busy, non-technical business leaders to learn what they need to know quickly and at their convenience. Aliya loves educating her clients so that they can overcome their tech barriers and become tech-savvy entrepreneurs in just days instead of years.

Aliya is an Engineer turned Entrepreneur herself with 20 years of technology related experience. She has worked at Fortune 500 companies and on award-winning digital products, such as the Emmy awarded Nick App. She served as a local Director for the Silicon Valley-based Incubator, the Founder Institute, and was recently published in Forbes for her article "What Every Non-technical Entrepreneur Needs to Know (That No One Tells Them)".



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