As someone with a “great idea” for a web app and no tech background, I was stuck! I felt frozen and had no way of implementing it. Each time I tried to do the research online I was overwhelmed. The terms used, and developer geared information was not just frustrating, they made me feel like I could never get my idea to market. I spent many an evening in tears thinking I felt stupid.

Fast forward three years and I found Aliya online and thought her 2-day intensive, one-on-one course seemed the best approach to getting the information I needed in the area of tech and the only way to get myself out of the “stuck” mode I was in.

This course exceeded my expectations! I no longer feel stuck!

And while the idea of a tech start-up does by no means seem ‘easy’, it does seem attainable now! I have the tools in place to get me started on the type of information required by the tech people I will be working with, how to hire those people and who I will be looking for. What a relief!

Aliya is lovely to work with, encouraging and lays out a groundwork for basic tech planning for people that have no tech background. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is serious about getting a start-up going and doesn’t have the tech background.

Thank you for all you provided and your guidance - truly appreciated and my idea is alive again!
— Jane
“Aliya simplifies the complicated so the person who has the vision knows exactly the next steps, resources and jargon they need to create something in a world they may not know about. Even though I have been surrounded by tech, Aliya has helped me understand the various roles and what I needed so I was able to stay within my budget while creating the product I really needed. I recommend Aliya’s workshops and consulting services if you are looking to enter the market as a non-techie.”
— Manpreet
“Aliya has honed an incredible gift - technology guidance. Her insight was not only inspirational, but also left me feeling calm, clear and empowered to take the next step towards building the product of my dreams. I’m a huge fan of Aliya’s work and would recommend her to any person looking for technological expertise they can trust!”
— Michelle