Aliya's Story

Aliya Amershi is the CEO and Founder at Techie Concierge. She decided to become a Tech Coach and created the Tech Workshop to address her Client’s needs. As there were no other options that could provide them the necessary training they needed in such a short period of time and in a supportive environment. Aliya loves helping her students overcome their tech barriers and educating them with the knowledge that they need in tech to succeed.

Aliya is an Engineer and Entrepreneur with 20 years of technology experience. She has worked at Fortune 500 companies, such as Electronic Arts and Viacom Networks, and on award-winning products, such as the Emmy awarded Nick App. She also served as a Local Director at the Founder Institute, a Silicon-Valley based incubator, and is currently a member on the Forbes Young Entrepreneur Council.


Aliya has honed an incredible gift - technology guidance. Her insight was not only inspirational, but also left me feeling calm, clear and empowered to take the next step towards building the product of my dreams. I’m a huge fan of Aliya’s work and would recommend her to any person looking for a technological expertise they can trust!